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"Guys, the grammys are still pathetic. This just means you were wrong about Arcade Fire being good".
(Brent DiCrescenzo, 2011)

"A snowfall can be beautiful in its first hour, but it inevitably becomes gray slush".
(Brent DiCrescenzo, review of Fly Pan Am, 1999)

"The reason why I criticized [Pitchfork] was because I read it everyday and obsessed over it and wanted to write for it and was jealous".
(Marc Hogan, Pitchfork contributor since 2004, 2011)

I've been on the Internet since it went public and I can tell you from experience, nothing that happens here matters unless you let it. It's all forgotten or never even acknowledged IRL. You think it's real because your friends reflect the same terrorized insecurity back at you, yet IRL, when you get a job? None of this matters. 
(Chris Ott aka Shallow Rewards, 2016)